July 2018

Announcing CellProfiler 3.1

Beth Cimini

I’m excited to announce the release of CellProfiler 3.1.

Our focus for CellProfiler 3.1 was polishing features and squashing bugs introduced in CellProfiler 3.0. We also started laying down the foundation for our next release, CellProfiler 4.0, that will transition CellProfiler from Python 2 to Python 3, improve multiprocessing, and overhaul the interface.

There’re a few noteworthy changes that some users might enjoy like UTF-8 pipeline encoding, a simpler application bundle (that won’t require installing...

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Tracking projects with Gmail tags: Collaborating through email

Anne Carpenter

As the PI of the Carpenter lab (a.k.a. Broad Institute Imaging Platform, including the CellProfiler team), people often ask how I manage so many ongoing collaborations: we discuss 50+ external projects each year so it is a lot to track! I am happy to reveal our secrets.

The goal

First, let me describe the problem we are trying to solve: we need a way/place to post project updates, raw data, and emails about a given project, so everyone in the lab can have access to info (most...

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