Announcing CellProfiler 3.1.9

Beth Cimini

Hello all! It’s been a crazy last few months for the CellProfiler team, as we’ve been hiring some new members to the team and working hard on the transition to Python 3, which will bump us into CellProfiler version 4. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting content in the future!

We did want to bring you one last release in the 3.X series, though, especially for OSX 10.14 users who have been left without a useable build. This release also has some minor bugfixes in RelateObjects and IdentifySecondaryObjects.


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Announcing CellProfiler 3.1.8

Beth Cimini

Happy holidays to everyone- we here at the CellProfiler team got you a little end-of-year treat in the form of CellProfiler 3.1.8.  This is primarily a bugfix release, getting rid of some bugs in MeasureObjectIntensity, MeasureColocalization, ExportToSpreadsheet, CorrectIlluminationCalculate, and Smooth.  We’ve also updated how we package for Windows, so those of you who had JAVA_HOME issues with 3.1.5 (feel free to now unset that in your environment variables if it’s set to your 3.1.5 install!) should now experience...

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Announcing CellProfiler 3.1

Beth Cimini

I’m excited to announce the release of CellProfiler 3.1.

Our focus for CellProfiler 3.1 was polishing features and squashing bugs introduced in CellProfiler 3.0. We also started laying down the foundation for our next release, CellProfiler 4.0, that will transition CellProfiler from Python 2 to Python 3, improve multiprocessing, and overhaul the interface.

There’re a few noteworthy changes that some users might enjoy like UTF-8 pipeline encoding, a simpler application bundle (that won’t require installing...

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CellProfiler 3.0 release: faster, better, and 3D

Anne Carpenter

We are thrilled to announce that CellProfiler 3.0 is now released!  Download it here.

Eighteen months in the making, this is the first version of CellProfiler that can identify objects in 3D images volumetrically – the result of a collaboration with the Allen Institute for Cell Science who funded the project together with NIH. If you’ve not yet seen it, the Allen Cell Explorer is a real visual and biological...

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Making it easier to run image analysis in the cloud: announcing Distributed-CellProfiler

Beth Cimini

There’s nothing more exciting than getting back a big batch of data from your automated microscope – finally, you have the results of your screen, your timelapse, or whatever you’ve spent the last weeks or months preparing.  That excitement can turn to sadness quickly though when you realize that neither your laptop nor the old general-use computer in the lab are up to analyzing thousands (or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands!) of images.  But, congratulations! You’ve reached an elite level of CellProfiler...

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