Anne E. Carpenter

Principal Investigator
Institute Scientist
Senior Director of the Imaging Platform

Beth Cimini

Senior Computational Biologist
I lead the image assay development team, which collaborates with biologists around the world to create open source image analysis pipelines to help turn images... Read more about Beth Cimini

Marzieh Haghighi

Postdoctoral Associate
I’m eager to apply my training in machine learning and signal processing to build the tools needed for the next generation of diagnostics/therapies.

Nasim Jamali

Postdoctoral Associate
I am a postdoctoral researcher in the assay development team with a background in cell biology and microscopy. By creating image analysis pipelines we help... Read more about Nasim Jamali
Alice Lucas

Alice Lucas

Software Engineer
I first developed a passion for using computers to look at digital images at UW-Madison, and later learned how to apply Machine Learning to these images during... Read more about Alice Lucas

Erin Weisbart

Computational Scientist
As part of the image assay development team, I use my background as a biochemist/cell biologist to help other scientists make qualitative data quantitative.