Michael Bornholdt

Visiting Graduate Student

I am a graduate student working as part of the image-based profiling team. I will investigate machine learning and statistical methods to minimize and overcome the batch effect for different Cell...

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Barbara Diaz-Rohrer

Postdoctoral Associate
I am a postdoctoral researcher in the image analyst team. I have a background in biochemistry and cell biology. I am passionate about using objective quantitative methods to obtain meaningful data...
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Arpit Aggarwal

Machine Learning Intern
My primary research interests lie in the application of Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Healthcare and Autonomous Driving. I have experience in working with Deep Learning frameworks (PyTorch) and...
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Yuen Ler Chow

High School Intern
I am a high school intern in the profiling team. I use deep learning and data science to extract biologically-relevant data from biomedical datasets.

Srinivas Niranj Chandrasekaran

Postdoctoral Associate
I am a postdoctoral associate in the profiling team. I am a computational biologist and biophysicist by training with interests in developing mathematical and computational tools to model biological...
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Beth Cimini

Senior Computational Biologist
I lead the image assay development team, which collaborates with biologists around the world to create open source image analysis pipelines to help turn images into quantitative data.

Anne E. Carpenter

Principal Investigator
Institute Scientist
Senior Director of the Imaging Platform